23/01/2016 Carol Pavot


It is a feeling everyone should be familiar with but only a few have mastered to cultivate in its untarnished, pristine form. The reasons evoking it are as diverse and multi-layered as the beings we bestow our admiration upon.

Being able to admire is not a given in today’s competitive world where striving for perfection and performance is intertwined with constant comparison and rivalry. The desire to outrun fellow contenders, even those not aware of their participation in the race, is often marring our judgement and bereaving us of human acts of kindness and respect.

Recognising someone’s merits without resentment, being truthfully happy for a person’s sake, granting her luck we ourselves might be sorely missing, is undoubtedly a virtue.

Envy on the other hand is an emotion spreading like a disease over our soul, nipping any bud of sympathy; shrouding the vivid colours of life with an oppressing impenetrable grey and smothering even the last spark of warmth within us, leaving either rancour and malevolence or desolate coolness behind.

Never ever let admiration wither inside your heart. Allow it to flourish and share it with those making it grow. A world where you admire and receive admiration in return is a place I will always feel grateful to live in.


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