26/12/2015 Carol Pavot


Every year it returns to us, like a friend from abroad dropping by for a visit at a time when we actually start missing him. It makes us wait for it a whole year and grow fond again of all the traditions and rituals that come along in its wake.

There are the smells we know by heart and would recognise amongst million others, the sounds we memorised each tone of, the shapes and forms our eyes are familiar with ever since we were little children and learned that all of this was what Christmas was made of.

Nowadays the world is moving at a different pace, things have changed or completely disappeared, there is a whole lot of new and much less of old. And yet there is still a place in our heart that has been left untouched by the course of time.

Even though our eyes are focused on the future, our minds set on progress and our spirit driven by the desire for the unknown, we seek comfort in this fir-scented candle-light glowing feast, treasuring it dearly, like something very precious we rescued from a crumbling declining past.

Welcome back, old Friend. So good you’re here.


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